Marketing Strategy…what on earth is it?


You’re a brilliant female service based business to business solopreneur. You know your business inside out and you are in the expert in your field, however when it comes to marketing your business you are feeling stuck,  a bit de-motivated and also like you’re treading water. Perhaps you’re throwing out content to your marketing channels left right and centre and hope something sticks. You are literally winging it and hoping for the best out there.

You need a supportive marketing strategy.

A Marketing Strategy is very simply the WHAT, WHO AND WHY in your business.

Think about your business and the following areas:
🌟Goals / Vision – WHY
🌟Audience – WHO
🌟Message – WHAT
🌟Product (in this case service) – WHAT
🌟Prices – WHAT

These same areas apply to your marketing because without these how are you going to market your business?

A Marketing Strategy begins with the goals. What you want to achieve in your business and why you want to achieve it.

For example, you want to invest in your business next month, it could be some branding photography, a new website or a coach and to do this you want to make £2000 in your business. This is the income goal you want to achieve.

So what are you going to sell to achieve that goal?

If you have a copywriting service that costs £500 you would need to sell four of that service to achieve your income goal. Breaking it down further you now know you need to attract four clients who need this service. This brings us onto audience.

Those clients who need this service – who are they?

This will all come back to your client and who you want to work with in your business. Your audience will have certain challenges and your service has been designed to help with those challenges.  Think back to what those challenges are – are they time poor? Perhaps they struggle capturing their brand voice for their business so they attract the right clients. Also think about where they are. If you reach your clients online think about where they are, what platforms do they use, what marketing speaks to them, where do they get their information and form relationships. By knowing and understanding all of this fully we then approach what your message is to them.

So we know your goals, we know how many you want to book to achieve it, we know your ideal client and who your audience is. Now it’s time to make sure your message is clear and speaking to them. Remember to connect with their reasons to why they would book you. Remember your marketing isn’t about you, it’s about them, it’s always about them. Keep this at the fore front when crafting your message. Neatly tied in with this is your USP (Unique Selling Point) because if you’ve got something that makes you unique then you need to shout about it and tie that in with your messaging to your client. Perhaps you’ve got over 10 years experience in copywriting working for businesses exactly like the ones you are wanting to attract and so you know corporate ideas that can be applied to smaller businesses. Make sure you know this in your strategy.

What about a marketing plan though?

A lot of people can think that this is the same thing. It isn’t at all. A Marketing Plan focuses on the HOW you are going to achieve your goals. The activities that you are going to do in your marketing. 

Why does a marketing strategy benefit you and your business?

Having a marketing strategy brings a whole host of benefits. If we can wake up in the morning knowing what we want to focus on and why we are doing it that alone gives us motivation, focus and drive. We’re no longer heading into our day with a foggy idea of what we’re doing, we’re strategic and intentional with our marketing efforts. Feeling in control and knowing that our time is being spent wisely is a big thing.


Are you wanting a helping hand with your strategy and plan?

If you’re feeling like you are in this treading water mode, that you’re feeling unmotivated and that your marketing has no focus then I want that to change for you.