Time to get acquainted with your Marketing Stats.

I am still very much in reflection mode this month because as I said before I feel it’s really important to take stock if you’re then going to plan moving forward. This week I have been thinking about my marketing statistics.

When I’m planning my marketing I need to know what’s really going on, not what I think is going on and looking at my stats aids that.

You might be thinking “but stats are so boring” or “I don’t know why they’re important”.

I get you. Before I worked in Marketing if anyone mentioned numbers to me and data I would promptly turn around and leave the room. Numbers aren’t my bag at all. My brain isn’t wired that way BUT I learnt and so can you.

I think a common misconception with Stats is that they’re only for marketers and this couldn’t be more wrong because if you’re a business owner and are marketing your business, stats are really important for you.

Looking at your analytics will give you the following:
⚡️Insight into what is happening with your marketing.
⚡️Facts about how your marketing is working.
⚡️Help you define what is working and what isn’t.
⚡️Aid you in then making better and more informed marketing decisions.

Sure, we could carry on just throwing stuff out there to our clients and customers and hoping it sticks but wouldn’t it be better to be more intentional with it?

To use information you already know and power it better and be more strategic with it?

This is why using your stats matters and it matters for everyone, not just marketers.

📝 Mini Task 📝

  1. Grab a notebook.
  2. Make a list of all the places you could look at for data about your business.
  3. Highlight the ones you actually check (be honest with yourself here).

Your Website Stats


Your website is your virtual window. The place where people decide to stay or go, buy or not buy, sign up to your mailing list and more. It’s an important marketing tool, one of many, and if you’ve got a website you need to be checking your website stats.⁣

Why? ⁣

Because it’s going to stop you second guessing what’s working and actually show you what’s working. ⁣

Here’s some stats to take a look at when it comes to your website:⁣

🌟 Visits to your site – you want to know exactly how many people are, well, paying a visit.⁣

🌟 Acquisition (if using Google Analytics, it might be called Source traffic elsewhere) – this is going to show you where people are coming from. This could be organically through search engines, direct because they know your website address, social channels, through referrals (the power of link building 🙌🏻) and email marketing. ⁣

🌟 New and Returning Visitors – this is important to know especially if you are focused on customer retention. Knowing how many are brand new and how many keep visiting can help you plan your marketing campaigns. ⁣

🌟 Pages Visited – this is key for understanding how your pages are performing so you can work on ones that aren’t. Plus for blogs it helps highlight your most popular content which means repurposing and/or making more. Boom 💥 ⁣

🌟 Bounce Rate – this is important to because if you’ve got a high bounce rate something isn’t working. People are leaving and you need to look deeper into why. Could it be the messaging? The design? Where are they leaving. Take a look. ⁣

🌟 Sales – Diving into those sales analytics in relation to other parts of your site is key. Where are the sales coming from, what journey do they take to make that purchase. ⁣

Every website platform will have different ways of showing stats. For me personally the amazing free tool that is Google Analytics is my winner for really taking a deep look into my site and it’s behaviour. ⁣

What can you find out about your website this week by looking at your stats? ⁣

Your Email Marketing Stats


love me a bit of email marketing. Writing my weekly newsletter is actually one of my favourite marketing activities to do because I know that when I press send it’s going straight to the inboxes of people who want to hear from me, which let’s be honest is super lovely isn’t it? 🥰⁣

If you’re “doing” email marketing in your business then like anything it’s important to spend some time looking at your stats and these are some key ones to check in with on each campaign you send.⁣

💌 OR (open rate)⁣
Inbox pings and pop – they open your email. ⁣
This is the percentage of the total number of your subscribers that did this. ⁣

💌 CTR (click through rate)⁣
Email open and ooooh they take action. ⁣
This is how many people clicked on a link, CTA or image within your email. Now this can be a variable stat because it will depend on the content within your email each time. ⁣

💌 CR (conversion rate)⁣
They’ve gone the whole kit and kaboodle.⁣
Email marketing conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers who complete a goal action, like make a purchase, book a call. ⁣

💌 ROI (return on investment)⁣
Show me the moola. Kerching!⁣
This is where you can attribute sales and revenue to that action or purchase. ⁣

Something to note:⁣
If you’re being inconsistent with your email marketing, like sending one maybe every six months, likelihood is your stats won’t be able to give you solid answers you can take action with, if anything you might need to do a bit of re-engagement first and then step up the consistency to then give yourself a health stat pack to work with.

What action can you take right now?

Firstly, you can block some time in your diary and sit down with your stats. Use the above for email marketing and websites as a guide and start making notes of what’s been happening. From this you can start asking yourself intentional questions about where you want your marketing to take you this year. 

Got the stats but need a plan of action?

Maybe you’ve got a log of your stats, perhaps you’re pretty good at checking them regularly, but what you’re missing is “what’s next”, how do you use them to make better decisions, how to you stop feeling overwhelmed by all the marketing and get it into a plan that works? 

I can help with that.