Running your own business and juggling parenting is a big enough mix as it is, but what happens when grief also gets thrown in. How to we cope when the worst we can imagine strikes us and everything becomes blurry and even empty. 

In this episode I am talking to the lovely Ingrid from Dec + Dash Legal Consulting. Last year Ingrid’s mum got really sick and sadly passed away. Ingrid was in the fros of launching her business venture, juggling life in the UK with her two young children and suddenly her world had changed. Ingrid and her young family spent several months back home in Australia and her business had to take a back seat.

During the episode we talk about grief, processing that emotion and loss but most of all about how wonderful people can be. How as small businesses we can be so understand and supportive to each other in the biggest times of need. 

Ingrid shares her experience of being a new business while dealing with such a life changing situation and how supportive networks helped her cope and come back. 

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Listen to the episode here:

"Why a support network helps in business" with Ingrid from Dec + Dash Legal Consulting

The Juggle is Real - Series 2, Episode 5

Find out more about Dec + Dash Legal Consulting here:



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