Trial and Error with Social Media

I think personally that we can all get into a vacuum with our Social Media. It can truly run the roost in our businesses and often we can be so under it’s spell that it means we stay “safe”. The constant changes in algorithms mean that we can feel like slaves to it, worried about changing things up in case we upset the current rules and our content drops off the face of the feed. This is a real shame.

Of course there are tips and tricks you can follow to help get your content noticed by your audience, but really what social media boils down to is what it was always about – creating engaging content for your audience. This is the foundation of social, you create the content, people engage, you interact and you have conversations. You are being “social” in a digital space with people across the country, the world even. What a fantastic thing it is, and don’t get me wrong there are plenty of ways in which social media isn’t there for good and I’m sure we’ve all seen the ugly side with people we love to follow or even experienced it ourselves – but I’m not here to talk about that. I want to talk about how in business we can stay stuck and lose our inner child characteristic to play and experiment.

Switching things up on your social media does not mean your business will suddenly fail overnight or you’ll lose a hundred followers, on the contrary you could even see increases or the drop might actually be people who aren’t your target customer in the first place – so you shouldn’t be sad about them (it’s not a numbers game after all remember?). I think trying things out on your social media platforms is the only way you will truly know what works and what doesn’t for your business and for your audience.

Ways to switch things up

If you feel that engagement has been a bit flat lately why not take 30 mins to look at your last 20 posts, look at the content you shared, your comments, your voice – what got engagement, what date or time did you send it? Ask yourself these questions and make a note. Using this information give yourself a new format for the next week, try new times of the day – use your insights to give you ideas.

Perhaps your feed hasn’t exactly gone the way you wanted, maybe you want more colour or a bit of a theme to it – try it, test it out and see after about 20/30 posts what the change has been , what have you noticed? Are people engaging more?

Maybe you even need to take a bigger leap and drop a platform – perhaps you joined this particular one because you thought “you had to” and in reality you’re finding it a strain on your time, your brain and instead of enjoying it it’s a slog. If it’s not working you can either invigorate new life into it by having a strategy in place or maybe you say Goodbye and drop it altogether – you control this and the choice is yours.


Don’t be afraid

As I’ve said above it’s so easy to feel scared about changing things be that posting times, content, the look of your feed – but don’t be scared, don’t let fear rule you. It’s your feed and you can try out things as much as you like, you’re finding what works and the only way to find out what works is by experimenting!

If some things don’t work out, that’s fine, learn from them and move on to the next at least you’ll know and you’ll be stronger for it, not weaker.

Give it a go and let me know if you do try to shake things up and how you get on I’d love to know.