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Stop pouring your heart and soul into one activity alone and discover


Is this you in your business right now?


  • You’re worrying constantly about likes and follows on your social media posts.
  • You’re relying on Social Media so much that you feel if you didn’t post on it for a day that your business would fall by the way-side.
  • You hit panic mode when social media goes down because you worry how you will ever reach your customers again.
  • And worse – you feel like you’re constantly shouting into an empty room.
  • You know there are other things you “could” be focusing on to grow your business but you’ve got no idea how to do it and also feel the FOMO of letting social media not have you upmost attention.


Don’t worry lovelies.

I’m here to show you that you can do this – you can use other marketing activities to grow your business instead of focusing just on social media.


Hold Up

“Are you telling me to give up Social Media altogether? Because I can’t do that!”

Of course not.

I’m a professional marketer, I know how important and valuable Social Media is for growing your business. I know the stats, I’ve seen the results from organic and ad spend, but and here’s the BUT…

It is just one of the ways you can market your business online and I like to educate small business owners, like you, who are finding they’re falling into “all my marketing in a social media basket trap” that you don’t have to do it that way. You can use other marketing activities to grow your business so that not all your time and energy is spent on social media.

What you’ll have is a solid foundation incorporating a strategic mix of marketing activities that are all focused on business growth and sales.

“Oooh that does sound good”


It does doesn’t it! So, are you ready to take a dive into the other marketing activities you could be focusing on in your business?

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Explore how I can help based on your results!


If you’re looking to work on a particular marketing area to boost your visibility these sessions are for you!

In 60 mins we will work on your chosen focus, discuss the ways in which you can increase your visibility and you’ll leave the session with a plan to put into action. Click below to see how they work. 



What if you could have a digital whizz in the know who could take some of your marketing tasks off your hands? Does that sound good?

To know that you had marketing going out to your customers, but you could focus your time on other things? (hmmm good vibes).
Click below to take a look of how I can help you tick items off your marketing to-do list.



Did you know that having a strategy and a plan actually gives you time back in your business? It also helps you stay motivated and focused (oooh nice). But also being around like-minded women, in a supportive, intimate, safe space also works wonders too.

If you are wanting accountability, dedicated time to work on your business, help creating a plan every month, training, support PLUS a confidence boost – The Visibility Den is for you.



The world of SEO doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can make changes right now that are going to increase your visibility when it comes to search engines (Google and the like). Simple and effective changes that don’t have to take lots of time or lots of brain power.Click below to see how you get started.



Our virtual shop window is a precious thing and you want to know how to make yours better.
Turn browsers to buyers. Reduce bounce rate so they start longer. Get clearer on your where your messaging is place.

Take a look at how you can turn your website from good to great.


Don’t forget to grab your guide


7 ways to get visible in your business

Don’t forget to grab your guide


7 ways to get visible in your business

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